Have a Magical Day Sweatshirt
Have a Magical Day Sweatshirt

Have a Magical Day Sweatshirt

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Have a Magical Day sweatshirt!

This professionally embroidered sweatshirt comes with a stabilizer/backing to ensure the design stays tight & secure. it helps to prevent the embroidery from puckering. the backing on the embroidery may be stiff at first but it softens & becomes more flexible with time & washing.

SWEATSHIRT CARE: when machine washing this embroidered sweatshirt, we recommend turning it inside out to protect the embroidery from abrasion. avoid washing the embroidered sweatshirt with items that have metal hardware such as zippers. this will prevent the embroidery from potentially getting caught on the metal and ripping. we recommend washing the sweatshirt on a gentle cycle in cold water and either air drying it or drying it on low heat. this will help avoid shrinkage.

size chart (in inches):
sleeve length: 33
full body length: 26
body width: 20

sleeve length: 34
full body length: 27
body width: 22

sleeve length: 35
full body length: 28
body width: 24

sleeve length: 36
full body length: 29
body width: 26

sleeve length: 37
full body length: 30
body width: 28

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